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Thursday, October 29 | "We All Rock" Annual Appreciation Dinner

October 22 & 23 | Applied Suicide Intervention Skills (ASIST) Training

November | National Adoption Month

November 15-22 | Homeless Awareness Week 



 The Third Level

There are four different levels of communication,
each with its own context and ends…

The third level is the level of trust, intimacy, vulnerability,
and transparency. Most of us are afraid to be wrong and
absolutely terrified to be rejected and communicating at
the emotional level opens us up to be rejected, hurt, and scarred.

“It’s a daily tragedy that so many people yearn for emotional
connection and communication yet so adamantly push it away.  
We spend our days in conversations about nothing and inert
ideas, yet rarely are we asked about our dreams, wants,
needs, and joys. The emotional level is the foundation upon
which relationships, families, teams, and societies are built…”

 Source:  http://www.productiveflourishing.com/four-levels-of-communication





We are pleased to announce that

 Child and Family Services


Third Level Crisis Intervention Center

have merged our organizations!

This union will strengthen all of our great programs and services. Our united efforts will enhance our services to people in need. Third Level programs will retain their name and locations, CFS will provides the Administrative, Human Resources and Development functions to sustain and grow our continum of programs for people and families in our communities.


Everyone of us 
can make a difference!



Support Third Level's Mission:

We strive to ensure the safety and well-being of
children, youth, adults, and families in times of
crisis, challenge, and life transition.


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